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New Internet2 Network Fees Structure Update

Feb 01, 2013, by Doug Howell
Tags: Internet2 Member, Network Architecture, Network Architecture, Operations and Policy, Network Fees

For the first time in 15 years, we have the ability to redefine advanced networking for the research and education community with the build-out of the new Internet2 network, providing a new architecture with many more access points to the network. Our aim is to rebalance the network fees by lowering the port fees, making it more affordable for our members to take advantage of this new architecture and increasing the participation fees to the Internet2 Level 1 Member Universities. Internet2 staff have worked closely with the member community through the Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Advisory Group(NAOPpag) Fee Subcommittee as well as during listening tours with CIOs and regional executives and in presentations during Internet2 Member meetings.

The NAOPpag Fee Subcommittee created a set of guidelines for setting the fees and provided feedback to Internet2 staff through the process of examining current fees, to consideration or several proposed new fee models, and finally settling on a model for new fees. Additionally, Internet2 staff have presented the models to, and collected feedback from, more than 50 CIOs and 16 regional leaders both in individual meetings and at Internet2 events. On February 18, the full NAOPpag endorsed the fee recommendations of the Fee Subcommittee. Next, Internet2 staff will conduct a final evaluation of the fees and present them to the Internet2 Board Audit and Finance Committee for approval with implementation to take effect on January 1, 2014. For more information, please contact George Loftus.