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Global NET+ Services Pioneered by Internet2 Discussed at TERENA

Jun 18, 2013, by Shelton Waggener
Tags: Executive Insights, imported, International Community, Internet2 NET+, Network Partnerships, Products & Services, Research & Education Networks

During the TERENA Networking Conference 2013 in The Netherlands, a partnership of eight global National Research and Education Network (NREN) partners presented the progress of their global collaboration to deliver federated community and commercial cloud services to benefit participating global research and education (R&E) institutions. Working together across continents, the Global NET+ team will provide simple, consistent and streamlined access to the highest value cloud services, offered at the best possible terms and conditions, to all participating institutions.

The eight NRENs involved, include AARNET, CANARIE, CUDI, Internet2, Janet, NORDUnet, REANNZ, and SURF represent countries in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Click here to read and download “Global Cloud Services In Higher Education: Developing, Deploying and Enhancing through Community Collaboration.”

The partnership builds on the work of each individual R&E network and Internet2 NET+ Services. Internet2’s activity began as a community partnership in March 2013 in the United States with two services and 13 campuses, and has now grown to 40 services and nearly 350 U.S. campuses.

NET+ consists of the following:

Services at scale—leveraging the advanced network, identity management infrastructure, and market power of the R&E community;

Services delivered globally—leveraging NREN R&E partnerships around the globe with thousands of beneficiaries; and

Service model transformation—tailored for R&E, fundamentally changing the way higher education and industry do business in the cloud.

Global NET+ Services is driven by:

  • Sponsorship from participating R&E insitutions.
  • Needs of the worlds largest research universities—but available to benefit all participating R&E institutions;
  • Delivered over the advanced R&E Networks;
  • Coordinated across participating NRENs;
  • Delivers value to both higher education and providers;
  • Tailored services;
  • Dramatically reduced administration;
  • Special pricing and business terms;
  • Master service agreements and negotiated contracts;
  • On-going involvement with service providers; and
  • Global scope – globally shared benefit.
The TERENA Networking Conference 2013 is the largest and most prestigious European research networking conference – more than 600 participants including decision-makers, networking specialists and managers from all major European networking and research organizations, universities, worldwide sister institutions and industry representatives attended.

To inquire about the Global NET+ effort, email