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View Dr. Mike Sullivan's presentation on Internet2's support of biomedical researchers at AAMC conference

Jun 07, 2013, by Michael Sullivan
Tags: Big Data, Datasets for Research, Executive Insights, Health & Life Sciences, imported, Security

The 2013 Information Technology in Academic Medicine Conference, sponsored by The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), was held this week in Vancouver.  The AAMC’s Group on Information Resources organized the conference around the theme of “Distributed Environments: Rethinking the Academic Enterprise,” and speakers challenged participants with novel approaches to manage and deliver information to support the nexus of academic and clinical knowledge building.

In a Friday session, Michael Sullivan, M.D. from Internet2’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer described how Internet2 supports biomedical researchers, especially those facing the challenges presented by data-intensive science.  His talk addressed the conference theme of sharing information between academic centers both within the US and internationally.  He also described initiatives designed to improve the security of research data and to provide high performance computing resources to biomedical researchers.

Dr. Sullivan's presentation can be viewed here.