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Internet2 President’s Leadership Award Winners Support Research and Education at the Margins

May 20, 2013, by Iljun Kim
Tags: Emerging National Research and Education Networks, Governance, imported, Internet2 Annual Meetings, Research & Education Networks

Where in the world are Steve Huter, Dale Smith and staff of the University of Oregon based-Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) going next?

Steve Huter and Dale Smith, NSRC Steve and Dale, recipients of the Internet2 President’s Leadership Award at the Internet2 Annual Meeting, are onto their next adventure in Africa in May, June and July. They were recognized at the Annual Meeting in front of more than 800 attendees for their exceptional global leadership in enabling the deployment of networks in developing nations in support of research and education at the margins.

"We recognized Steve and Dale for the difference they are making around the world," said H. David Lambert, president and chief executive officer of Internet2. "So much of their work is more cherished outside the United States, where they have represented our community in partnership and collaboration with their counterparts in developing nations. They have made a difference for all of research and education’s global community."

Steve, Dale and their NSRC colleagues will be in Ghana, Senegal, Zambia and Tanzania over the next few months. In May, they will work with the Technical Advisory Committee for the Ghanaian Academic and Research Network (GARNET) and a group of universities on the design of the physical network for GARNET. Also, NSRC staff will be in Senegal in May working on a wireless spectrum project to expand Internet access. In June, an NSRC team will teach numerous networking topics in the African Network Operators Group program held in Lusaka, Zambia as part of the Africa Internet Summit. In July, Steve and the NSRC staff will help launch the inaugural meeting and network, training programs by the newly developed Tanzania Network Operators Group located in Arusha, Tanzania.

"NSRC was born in 1992, when the Web was anything but worldwide and cell phones were somewhat of an oddity,” said Internet2 Vice President and CTO Steve Wolff. “Steve Huter, Dale Smith, and their associates have brought not only the technology but also the principles of R&E networking to aspiring nations. They exemplify the very best in quiet, competent, person-to-person diplomacy."

"I am so pleased to learn of the recognition that Internet2 has given to NSRC,” stated Vint Cerf, vice president, Google. “We at Google are great fans of NSRC's work and support it with enthusiasm. Steve has personally established a philosophy that it's not just about computers and routers, but also about people, and he treats everyone with great respect. The NSRC team does not parachute in, set things up, and leave. They focus on empowering local network engineers -- thereby fostering independence and, most important, sustainability in the way they approach expanding Internet access."

The NSRC is funded by the National Science Foundation, Google, Cisco Systems and O'Reilly Media, along with additional contributions from more than two-dozen public and private organizations in support of its activities to help expand Internet access and R&E cyberinfrastructure globally.

"Dale and I greatly appreciate the recognition expressed by President Lambert and our colleagues from the Internet2 community in bestowing the NSRC with this award,” said Steven G. Huter. “This is an opportune time to leverage investments in research and education networks around the world, thereby improving infrastructure, and delivering relevant platforms and services, which is good for the whole Internet ecosystem. NSRC is impassioned to help build and interconnect more networks to enhance the mechanisms for meaningful exchange and collaboration with our friends and colleagues throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and the Middle East."

You can follow Steve, Dale and the NSRC’s activities around the world at or read more about the Internet2 President’s Leadership Award winners at