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Internet2 Industry Roundtable Sessions - Connect and Learn!

Apr 11, 2013, by Ryan Bass
Tags: Collaboration, Events, imported, Internet2 Annual Meetings

Photo of Industry Roundtable sessionOn Tuesday, April 23 during lunch,Internet2 Industry Roundtable Sessions return to provide an intimate venue for members to learn about the solutions provided by 2013 Internet2 Annual Meeting Sponsors, and engage their expertise on a wide variety of transformational technology topics.  From Software Defined Networking (SDN) to Cloud Communications to technologies that directly support Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC's), these informal 45 minute sessions include short presentations with lots of Q&A time, and are held at tables inside the Food & Beverage room.  Please refer to the online schedule for more information on the sessions and other details:

Hybrid Mode Operation (Juniper Networks): Discussions on developing a production hardware and software solution for the Internet2 Advanced Layer 2 Service and collaborating on hybrid mode operation.  Details for ships in the night as well as interworking hybrid mode operation.

7 Myths of SDN (Juniper Networks): At Juniper, we’ve watched this closely and will summarize collective beliefs in what we call the “The 7 Myths of SDN.”

Brocade IaaS (Brocade): An innovative vehicle to acquire the necessary end user CPE infrastructure to attach to the Internet2 Advanced Layer 2 Service.

Internet2 and CrashPlan PROe: Endpoint Backup for Higher Ed (codefortytwo software): PROe is uniquely suited to meet the special data protection and disaster recovery needs of educational institutions.

Endpoint Backup Cloud Strategies – Public or Private? (codefortytwo software): Ways to reap the benefits of cloud-based backup while abiding by organizational security and/or compliance mandates.

Cloud Computing for Unified Communications: Determining the ROI (Aastra): The benefits of moving to the cloud for communication services, including a discussion on the return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO).

New Bandwidth Infrastructure with Public/Private Partnerships (Zayo Group): Beyond BTOP there is still a need to grow and advance bandwidth infrastructure within the US. The right private partner can assist in funding and operating.

Planning for Multimedia's Surge in Learning (Desire2Learn): How the academy can embrace multimedia and prepare for the effects on student and instructor success.

Improving Global Learning with Fuze (Fuzebox): Saint Louis University will discuss how FuzeBox has become a critical tool in the effort to develop a truly global campus capable of delivering high quality learning.

The Missing Link for Internet2 Members to Move to IP Telephony - From DMARC to Desktop (Phybridge): Data switch innovation that transforms the existing voice infrastructure into an IP path with power.

Innovative Global Trends and Best Practices in Video-Enabled Learning Spaces (Polycom): Global trends, pedagogical best practices, and overcoming obstacles in visual collaboration and video-enabled devices .

Overcoming the MOOC Dilemma: A Scalable Solution to Student Interaction Beyond the Static Lecture (Tele-classroom): Explore both the challenges faced by Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and the components necessary to solve the MOOC dilemma.

Industry Roundtable Sessions are an excellent opportunity to build relationships that will be extreme­ly valuable for you in the profession. You don’t have to be the final decision-maker for departmental purchasing to have a valu­able experience. Colleagues from all positions, experience levels, and institution types should attend to net­work and learn more about the products and services the sponsors provide. Your research and opinions can be extreme­ly valuable to the decision-makers and expanding your knowledge base about the products and services will benefit you now and in the future.