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Upcoming Video Services Events: May/June

May 21, 2013, by Ben Fineman
Tags: Collaboration, imported, Tools & Collaboration, Video, Video Services

We're now in full swing gearing up for the 2013 Internet2 Annual Meeting next month. But, the fun won't stop there - when we return from Arlington there will be even more opportunities to participate in our advanced video collaboration community. We'd love to see you there so your organization can begin realizing the benefits real-time video collaboration can provide:

  • Video Interop Group Meeting for May, 5/23/13 at 2pm EST. This is the monthly meeting for any and all interested video professionals in the Internet2 community. Topics discussed range from emerging standards and technologies, to continuing interoperability challenges, to real world implementation problems and solutions. Join the email group here to participate and receive connection details.
  • Webinar: "Removing Barriers to Video Adoption", 5/14/13 at 4pm EDT AND 5/23/13 at 11am EDT. We know that video communication technologies have the potential to enhance our collaborations, but it seems like something is always in the way. Is it unreliable? Is it too hard to use? Is it too expensive? Is it too hard to set up? In this webinar, I will present strategies for members to overcome each of these roadblocks and begin leveraging advanced video collaboration today, often using only existing investments. Register here for 5/14/13, or register here for 5/23/13!
  • Internet2 Video Services Participant Workshop, 6/6/13 at 2pm EDT. This virtual workshop is for participants to learn how to best leverage the resources available to them. If your organization is already an Internet2 Video Services Participant, you can register here! If you're not currently a Participant, there's still time to join.
  • Video Interop Group Meeting for June, 6/27/13 at 2pm EDT. The next occurance of this monthly meeting, as described above. Join the email group here to participate and receive connection details.
I hope to see you at some or all of these upcoming events!