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Upcoming Internet2 Video Services Participant Workshop

Feb 21, 2013, by Ben Fineman
Tags: imported, Products & Services, Video Services, Workshops & Webinars

Since we introduced Internet2 Video Services Participation last year, we've been pleased to have twenty four institutions sign up, with more coming on board all the time. If you've already signed up, we'd like to make sure you're getting the most out of your four screen Virtual Meeting Room and interoperable dialing. Please join us via video onĀ 3/21/13 at 2pm EST for a workshop on the following topics:

  • Understanding how to connect your endpoints and guest endpoints to your Virtual Meeting Room
  • Sharing content in your Virtual Meeting Room
  • NEW FEATURE: Adding a telephone participant to your Virtual Meeting Room
  • Configuring your endpoints for interoperable dialing through the Internet2 Video Exchange
  • Learn how to make your normal endpoint into an immersive telepresence system
  • ...and more!
Any and all Internet2 Video Services Participants are welcome to attend. If your institution is not currently a Participant, sign up today! It's free for Internet2 Members.