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Pre-winter BTOP network build update

Nov 16, 2012, by Iljun Kim
Tags: 100 gigabit Ethernet, imported, Internet2 Network, Layer 2 Services, Layer 3 Services, Network Architecture, Network Infrastructure

For those that haven't been able to make the latest round of community calls or meetings, I wanted to provide an update on the BTOP build and where we'll be headed these next six months as the project begins to close out.

First, as many of you have heard, we have completed the optical portion of the network built atop the 15,700 miles of newly acquired dark fiber. This is fully in production and providing wavelength services today. Some of our members have already seen some of your wavelengths migrated to the new Ciena network.  We expect to augment this with a 100G capable path optical between Seattle and Chicago in early 2013. We're extremely excited to be one of the first 100G capable nation-wide networks in the world.

Second, in August and September, we installed and commissioned the first wave of Advanced Layer2 Service Network nodes built atop the Brocade platform. These initial 14 nodes have been interconnected with 100Gbps backbone links and are in full production. We have a batch of Juniper MX960s arriving shortly to add to the Advanced Layer2 Service network next year.

In addition, we were able to acquire an additional number of MX960 chassis from Juniper that will allow us to migrate our Advanced Layer3 Service network over to that platform next year.  In addition to allowing us options for shared sparing and parts sharing between the IP and Layer2 networks, these new MX960 nodes also include a number of 100G interfaces that can be used as a jump start to enhance our peerings with the Layer 2 network, offer more 100G connections to regionals, or improve the layer 3 backbone. We will welcome a conversation with the community in the coming weeks on how to prioritize these new 100G resources. (As always, we remain committed to our headroom management practice and expect to add additional backbone links beyond this initial investment as demand requires.)

As you can see, we have plenty of work available in the next six months. I'll continue to update everyone here on status as we move forward.