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Megaconference 2012: Sneak Peek of Presentations

Nov 06, 2012, by Ben Fineman
Tags: Cloud Services & Applications, Events, imported, Products & Services, Video Services, Workshops & Webinars

Please visit and register today!

We're less than a month away from the 2012 Megaconference! We have a number of great presentations already lined up for this event, with more to come.:

  • Shark Training with SeaTrek: In this videoconference, Mote Marine Laboratory will present a media-rich videoconference featuring a narrated training session from their 135,000-gallon shark habitat. Learn what it takes to train a 150 pound sandbar shark and see how smart they really are. This presentation will also feature an overview of the many lessons and connection opportunities available through the SeaTrek distance learning programs.
  • Video Services in the UNAM: Jose Rodriguez from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México will present on the evolution and challenges of videoconferencing services offered by UNAM.
  • The Journalism Education Association Conference 2012, live from Melbourne: A round-up of speakers and proceedings at the 2012 conference of the Journalism Education Association of Australia. I will be at the conference venue at RMIT University, Melbourne.
  • Hit that Culture Button! LIVE from Asia to Europe to Africa: Students and teachers from these three continents will co-host an interactive cultural game! Choose to sit back and enjoy the show or hit that culture "button" and interact with the world!
  • Zones of Conflict, Zones of Peace: The Global Consortium for Sustainable Peace (GCSP) is a network of global partners who share a common goal of bridging cultural gaps, examining global challenges and solutions, increasing global competencies, and fostering peace through global education, interfaith dialogue, conflict resolution and peace studies. Utilizing technology, primarily video over Internet Protocol, the GCSP has the unique advantage of being broadcast on educational T.V.(3C Media Solutions) to 2.5 million college students throughout California, webcast on the internet, broadcast on local cable television and interactively shown live to our partner schools, educators, students and institutions around the globe.
I'm looking forward to seeing you there!