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A Recap of This Summer's Work

Aug 21, 2012, by Iljun Kim
Tags: 100 gigabit Ethernet, Advanced Networking, imported, Internet2 Network, Layer 2 Services, Layer 3 Services, Network Architecture, Network Infrastructure

What did everyone else do on their summer break?

We've been busy! As we near the completion of a major milestone in the mid August timeframe, I wanted to update everyone on where we stand with the optical and Layer2 builds.

On the optical front, we have almost all of the Phase 3 build completed with the remaining west coast and Memphis to Jackson paths being delivered toward the middle of August. Our engineers have been hard at work deploying 40G and 100G cards into the network to provide capacity for the transition of our 10G circuits off the legacy optical system.

Our Advanced Layer 2 Service infrastructure is starting to shape up as well. We’ve received all initial batches of SDN switches and are working on getting them deployed in August and September. This involves a lot of colocation planning, gathering of materials, configuration testing, and travel, but our engineers are up to the challenge. We’re expecting to receive the 100GigE optical cards to light the backbone for the Layer2 Network in late August, though we’re pre-positioning the Layer2 equipment now so we can turn up the backbone as quickly as possible.

This all complements our Advanced Layer 3 Service infrastructure and provides additional onramps to that service. The trusted Layer 3 Service is the network that served as a fundamental building block of the enabling applications and advanced services available to the community today.  Its specific focus on the unique needs of the higher education and research community and has provided the basis for the community’s next-generation Innovation Platform to accelerate discovery.  The Layer 3 service is more advanced than ever, via transparent operations, constant evaluation and optimization by the community, who relies on it to provide adequate headroom to meet the needs of high-speed research and collaboration. When paired with our open peering service, we’re going to be well positioned to meet the needs of the US campuses when students return in August.

Yes, it's been a busy summer and we're not done. In the coming weeks, I'm hoping to update everyone on the completion of the optical build and the further installation of the new Layer2 nodes.