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New Internet2 Gatekeepers Supporting the Global Dialing Scheme are Live

Aug 15, 2012, by Doug Howell
Tags: imported, Internet2 Video Exchange, Video Services, Video, Voice & Collaboration

As part of the new Internet2 Video Exchange in Washington DC, we have deployed new gatekeepers in support of the Global Dialing Scheme for H.323 video. For many years now we have operated both a gatekeeper to act as the continental root for North America and a gatekeeper on which end users can "borrow" space to participate in GDS dialing. We are pleased to now have both of these gatekeepers hosted directly on the Internet2 Network's backbone for maximum speed and reliability. Video administrators who use these gatekeepers will need to migrate to the new IP addresses:

  • North American Root: The new address for the North American root is (IPv4) or 2001:468:EF01::2 (IPv6). This gatekeeper is for neighboring with institutional gatekeepers only. If you are not already connected, please submit this form before neighboring. We will be adding a redundent gatekeeper at (IPv4) or 2001:468:EF01::3 (IPv6) in the future; you should add in this redundency as well. Please make this migration by 12/31/12.
  • Internet2 Endpoints: The new address for the Internet2 endpoint gatekeeper is (IPv4) or 2001:468:EF01::6 (IPv6). Institutions can connect endpoints to this gatekeeper on a temporary basis only, unless you are an Internet2 Video Services Participant (free for Internet2 members, sign up here). Please make this migration by 8/20/12.
We're pleased to have these upgraded systems in place and operational. Please send any questions about this migration to