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2012 London Olympics Streamed in Super Hi-Vision Over Internet2 Network for NBC, BBC and NHK

Aug 10, 2012, by Todd Sedmak
Tags: Audio Video Communications Infrastructure, Digital Video, imported, Internet2 Video Exchange, News, Video, Voice & Collaboration

The best view for the 2012 London Olympics, especially the closing ceremony, might be NBCUniversal’s Washington, D.C. office. The broadcaster has demonstrated live and recorded versions of Super Hi-Vision (SHV) by streaming video at 400Mbps over the Internet2 Network at NBCUniversal’s office throughout the Olympics for invited guests.

SHV is Japanese broadcaster NHK’s system for providing 16 times the picture quality of high-definition TV (HDTV), with 22.2-channel surround sound. Besides Internet2, NBC, BBC and NHK are showcasing SHV in England and Japan with the help of several international research and education networks, JANET, GEANT, SINET4 and GEMnet2. Attendees at the Spring 2012 Internet2 Member Meeting were able to watch a  demonstration of SHV and learn about its technical features.

The NBCUniversal's demonstration features highlights of the opening ceremony, track and field, and swimming events. At times, they just provide audio from the event’s live public address system. The picture and sound quality are so clear that you feel like you are watching from a seat in the stadium.

During a demonstration in London, a BBC spokesman said to the media, "You are free to take pictures of the screen. We have found that some of our senior executives like to stand in front of the screen and get someone to take their picture, because it looks as if they were there at the stadium." (used with the permission of Warren Communications News Inc.)

Here are links to the Smartplanet and Engadget stories that include photos and video about the SHV demonstrations utilizing the Internet2 Network and other international networks.