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Internet2 Community Hopes to Deploy perfSONAR Resources in China

Jul 27, 2012, by Iljun Kim
Tags: Collaboration, imported, International Community, international partnerships, International Strategy, mitel, Network Diagnostic Tool, News, Tools & Collaboration

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The Internet2 community hopes to deploy more perfSONAR software resources in China in the coming months to identify network performance issues. The perfSONAR software supports network performance monitoring to help solve end-to-end performance problems on paths that span multiple administrative domains.

The perfSONAR software was recently demonstrated over a new 10G Internet link between the education and research networks of the United States and China before leaders from the China Education and Research Network (CERNET), Indiana University, Internet2 and the Chinese government at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. This event marked a significant milestone as the first public use of perfSONAR over a Chinese academic and research network.

“We hope that through this and other demonstrations that perfSONAR will be more widely deployed providing better visibility for researchers using these high performance network links, said Jim Williams, director of international networking at the Indiana University GlobalNOC. “The usefulness of perfSONAR grows as the community grows. The larger the deployment footprint and the more networks that use a tool like perfSONAR, the easier it is to monitor issues.”

The demonstration in Beijing consisted of sending large amounts of IPv6 traffic over the new circuit in both directions. Data was collected from the CERNET router, archived and displayed at the event as traditional two-dimensional graphs, vertical bar graphs, and circular gauge graphs. The visualization was made available throughout the ceremony to show the amount of traffic produced by each demonstration, potential bandwidth available to researchers between the US and China, and how perfSONAR can be used to verify traffic on a circuit.

The research and education community provides technical support for the perfSONAR software. To learn more about perfSONAR, visit