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Upcoming Global Video Announcement

Apr 18, 2012, by Ben Fineman
Tags: Collaboration, imported, Internet2 Annual Meetings, Internet2 Video Exchange, Tools & Collaboration, Video Services, Video, Voice & Collaboration

While the Internet2 Network serves the United States, we recognize that research and education has no borders. One of the best ways to collaborate across these borders is by using high quality video communications technology. However, this is easier said than done. Diverse sets of protocols, dialing plans, scheduling systems, and directories (or lack thereof) create barriers to getting connected. While the Internet2 community is working to address these issues, truly effective and lasting solutions must be global in scope. This is why Internet2 and an initial group of other national research and education networks have working behind the scenes on a plan to address these issues. At the upcoming Internet2 Spring Member Meeting, we will be having a session on this topic where we will discuss the challenges, past efforts, future solutions, and how other institutions can get involved. I will be particularly excited to show a prototype directory and scheduling application that we've been working on for community use. This session will be netcast if you're unable to attend in person - but I will hope to see you there!