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New Internet2 Video Exchange Core is Online

Apr 16, 2012, by Ben Fineman
Tags: bad_text, Collaboration, imported, Internet2 Video Exchange, Network Architecture, Network Infrastructure, Research & Education Networks, Research Support, Research Technology, Video Interoperability Group, Video Services, Video, Voice & Collaboration

Today marks both the culmination of a lot of behind the scenes effort here, as well as the start of even more effort over the next several weeks and months. As previously announced, Internet2 is expanding our interoperable Video Services with a new infrastructure investment that includes Cisco TelePresence exchange functionality. This expansion will involve bringing online an entirely new set of video hardware directly on the Internet2 Network backbone in McLean, VA.

The first piece of this install is the signaling core of the exchange, which is on the Cisco Video Communications Server platform. This, in combination with the rest of the architecture, will provide an interoperable dialing infrastructure for H.323, SIP, and Cisco TelePresence video in such a way that media is free to flow over optimal network paths. We're pleased to say that as of today, this core is installed in McLean and is online and reachable. We are beginning to test trunks to this core with the goal of accepting trunks from our community members next month.

More details will be announced at the Internet2 Video Services Forum in less than two weeks, and look for new detailed pricing announced soon. In case you're wondering: H.323 gatekeeper neighboring for the Global Dialing Scheme in will continue to be free, and SIP trunking for Cisco TelePresence will also be free for everyone in research in education - not just Internet2 members. We recognize that spreading reach-ability as widely as possible is essential for effective collaboration.

I'll look forward to posted more updates on this deployment as we continue our progress.