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Chicago to Washington DC upgraded to 100GigE

Mar 14, 2012, by Doug Howell
Tags: 100 gigabit Ethernet, Advanced Networking, Emerging National Research and Education Networks, imported, Internet2 Network, Network Architecture, Network Infrastructure, Network Performance, Research & Education Networks

We're still "in-between" phases of the optical build, so there's a lot of prep to start putting more equipment out in the field. As such, there's not been a whole lot to report over the last week on that front. It gave us some breathing room to focus on other things. Like: upgrading the backbone on the IP network between Chicago and Washington DC. In reality, that link has been up since Supercomputing 2011, but wasn't put into full service. We ran into a problem with SNMP polling at high rates when configuring the LAGs on the 100G interface. After a lot of debate, we're getting around that by backing off our SNMP polling to 20 seconds (it used to be 3 seconds). The IGP metrics were adjusted early this morning to put the new circuit in service. This brings our total deployed 100G IP circuits to two on the Internet2 network, and four on the ESNet ANI network.