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Internet2 Scientific Research Liaison Invited to Address Researchers at Illinois Universities

Jan 20, 2012, by Ryan Bass
Tags: 100 gigabit Ethernet, Big Data, Higher Education, imported, Layer 2 Services, Network Infrastructure, Research Solutions, Science & Engineering

Jason Zurawski, Internet2 Scientific Research Liaison, will address groups of Network Researchers at Southern Illinois University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on February 9th and 10th.  Zurawski was invited to speak about how Internet2 is extending advanced Layer 2 services into the campus environment and providing innovative new tools to create new dimensions of support for data-intensive research collaboration.

The phenomenon of “Big Data” is hitting close to home for lots of institutions with physics collaborations increasing in size, genome sequencers being more attainable and present on campuses, and nearly every science medium predicting increasingly larger amounts of data to process and transport. Scientific Data Applications performance no longer need to be compromised by student use of larger amounts of network bandwidth for videos and music while scientific researchers are sending bandwidth-consuming files to collaborators around the world.

Zurawski will speak about how Internet2 can help ensure success for campuses as they embark on moving large amounts of data by: optimizing existing Internet2 Network connections and moving to 100G capabilities; new hardware and software development provided to campuses by an NSF-funded grant project; and providing an innovation testbed for application developers to use and create next-generation solutions.