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DYNES Project Update - Fall 2011

Jan 17, 2012, by Doug Howell
Tags: 100 gigabit Ethernet, Advanced Networking, Collaboration, imported, Internet2 Network, Network Infrastructure, Network Partnerships, Products & Services, Research & Education Networks, Science & Engineering

Internet2 is nearing completion of new capabilities that will build a nationwide cyber-instrument to support research collaboration and scientists with data intensive networking needs in the campus environment.

Through an NSF-funded project (0958998 - MRI-R2 Consortium: Development of Dynamic Network System – DYNES), Internet2 will develop and deploy a nationwide cyber-instrument spanning approximately 40 US universities and 11 Internet2 connectors, providing campus network engineers with more efficient options to manage large data flows on their networks, control congestion, and optimize large, long-distance scientific data flows for the broader scientific community.  The high energy physics community, bio and life sciences researchers, climate researchers, astronomers, and a litany of other virtual organizations are encouraged to participate in this rapidly evolving project.

A collaborative team including Internet2, Caltech, University of Michigan, and Vanderbilt University is currently working with regional networks and campuses to support the installation of hardware amongst the 50+ initial sites, and we continue to seek as many new sites as the grant funding will allow.

The hardware and software provided to Campuses and Regional Networks aims to encourage adoption of dynamic networks, end to end monitoring, and next generation data movement tools.  NSF funding enables the purchase of a dedicated switch, control PC, and data movement server specifically designed and tuned for large-scale data movement. In addition to the deployment of equipment, this project is providing operational guidance for end sites in preparation for use well after the expiration of the grant.  The underpinning technologies provided by Internet2 will remain available for all users and will continue to receive support and upgrades.

Initial deployment started in Winter 2011 and was limited to 4 initial sites to perform adequate testing of hardware and software. After testing was completed, installation at the campus level was scheduled in a phased approach among three distinct groups (A, B, C) and should complete by mid-2012.

A breakdown of all sites by group is available here:

A block diagram of the proposed network is here:

Early capabilities will also be demonstrated at SC11.  Stay tuned for more information about the demo at SC11 and progress reports on the phased installation in the coming months.

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