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Indiana University, United States and Chinese Research and Education Networks Celebrate Partnership

Nov 07, 2011, by Doug Howell
Tags: Advanced Networking, Emerging National Research and Education Networks, imported, International, International Community, international exchange point, International Partners, international partnerships, Internet2 Network, Network Infrastructure, Network Partnerships, Research & Education Networks

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WASHINGTON, D.C.—(Nov. 7, 2011)-- Leaders from Indiana University, Internet2 and the China Education and Research Network (CERNET) met Friday, Nov. 4, at Georgetown University to celebrate their cooperative partnership linking the education and research networks of the United States and China.

An ongoing partnership between Indiana University’s GlobalNOC, CERNET and Internet2 made this project possible. In the last ten years, the partners have worked together on a range of efforts to support research and education networking for scientific collaboration, including solving access problems caused by China’s large, growing population.

Indiana University’s GlobalNOC, CERNET and Internet2 representatives collaborating

“The challenges facing science and health research require collaboration amongst the best research teams in the global scientific community. This direct high speed network with China enables research to prosper at the speed of modern science," said Brad Wheeler, Vice President for IT and CIO at Indiana University. "IU is again honored to be selected by the National Science Foundation in close collaboration with I2 and CERNET to lead this work."

“The experts from China and the U.S. have been working together for many years on Internet technologies and applications. This project establishes the direct academic high-speed Internet connection between China and the U.S. to support collaborative research activities between two big countries,” said Professor Jianping Wu, Director of CERNET Center. “This is the first award from both the NSF and the Chinese government dedicated to support the high-speed direct Internet link to scientific research. This project will certainly and greatly promote the collaborations not only between China and the U.S., but also globally.”

“Together, we recognize our valuable partnership and affirm our support of collaborative scientific research between the United States and China,” said Dave Lambert, CEO & President of Internet2. “Our current upgrade to the Internet2 network will create the world’s first 100 Gigabit Ethernet production network – and is key to the future of supporting global scientific research collaboration with China and all of our global partners.”

Indiana University’s GlobalNOC, CERNET and Internet2 representatives signing document

“We are excited to celebrate the first network connection between the U.S. and China specifically dedicated to university scientific research,” said Jim Williams, director of international networking at the Indiana University GlobalNOC. “This celebration marks the end of the engineering phase of the project, but the beginning of the collaboration phase. This network connection will facilitate much closer, deeper science and education collaborations between the U.S. and China.  Our challenge now is to make those collaborations happen."

CERNET is leading implementation of the network and creating the needed cyberinfrastructure within China, with financial support from the Chinese government. The network is expected to be operational in late fall or early winter 2011.