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CANS 2011 One Network - One World

Sep 20, 2011, by Doug Howell
Tags: imported, International, International Community, international exchange point, International Partners, Network Infrastructure, Network Partnerships

CANS2011, the 12th meeting of the Chinese - American Networking Symposium since 1999, was held August 8-10, 2011 in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. This year's symposium covered topics in advanced network technologies, deployment, interoperability and management; middleware and security-related issues; integration of new technologies into the network to support new research and education opportunities; and new advanced applications and evolving "applications view" of networks. In addition, the organizing committee put special emphasis on bringing together U.S. CIOs and their Chinese counterparts. Towards this goal, the symposium included sessions on university technology organization and management, and on how to support remote education and "campuses abroad."

Four Special Interest Group meetings preceded the symposium. The SIG meetings were co-chaired by representatives from Internet2, CERNET, and CSTnet, and included discussions on IPv6; OpenFlow/Open Science Exchange; International Connectivity and End-to-End Performance; and Federated Identities and Authorization.

The CANS2011 Opening Ceremony and Keynote Presentations followed the SIG sessions. Speakers included Xuebin Zhou, Vice President of Yunnan University; Bowei Dai, Deputy Director of CAS CNIC; David Lambert, President and CEO of Internet2; Shuigen Xiao, CAST-USA; Bill Chang, Manager, National Science Foundation; and Don Riley, Professor, University of Maryland. An Opening Reception followed the Opening Ceremony.

The second day of the symposium included speaker sessions on Future Internet/OpenFlow/OpenScience Exchange; IPv6; Expanding International Connectivity and End-to-End Performance; and Federated Identities and Authorization. At previous CANS, CERNET, CAS CNIC, and the US-side worked independently to identify appropriate speakers for the symposium sessions. This year, however, the CANS program committee selected vice-chairs (one each from CERNET, CAS CNIC, and the US) to work together to identify the most appropriate speakers. This new, collaborative approach proved successful with each session including presentations from leading experts from many US and Chinese Universities.

The third day of the symposium included a speaker session on Videoconferencing and Telepresence and a session on Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things. The symposium ended with a session on University Technology Organization and Management and a corresponding Panel discussion. This session gave US CIOs and their Chinese counterparts an opportunity to describe the current state of University Technology Management and to discuss new directions and challenges for the profession. Panelists included Marilyn McMillan, New York University; Jianping Wu, Tsinghua University; Gang Chen, CSTNet; Jack Suess, Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore Country; John Chapman, Georgetown University, Qatar; Anita Nikolich, University of Chicago; Robert Johnson, Duke University; Don Riley, Univ. of Maryland, College Park; and Ling Zhang, South China University of China. The success of this panel discussion led to a commitment by both US and Chinese participants to continue their collaboration beyond CANS. Steered by Marilyn McMillan of NYU, this group of US and Chinese experts will meet quarterly to further develop the dialogue on University Technology Management initiated at CANS 2011.

CANS 2011 concluded with a wrap-up session from Don Riley and closing remarks by David Lambert and Professor Jianping Wu.

Full CANS2011 Program information is posted on-line at: