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A big step forward....

Aug 05, 2011, by Doug Howell
Tags: 100 gigabit Ethernet, Advanced Networking, Custom Networks, imported, Internet2 Network, Network Architecture, Network Diagnostic Tool, Network Infrastructure, Network Performance

Things have certainly been quiet here on the airwaves, but the network elves have been busy behind the scenes. First, I'd like to share the big news that we've successfully lit our first 100GigE IP circuit between Washington DC and New York! A number of engineers, in particular Andrew Lee at the Internet2 NOC, have been tirelessly plugging away at getting the Ciena optical system configured to deliver the circuit. There's been a steep learning curve on this first circuit, but we should be better prepared for those that follow.

For those who enjoy network eye candy, check out these tiny 64 byte ping requests all alone on this massive circuit:

screenshot of 64 byte ping requests

We still have a bit of work to bring everything into production on this circuit, so there's no real network traffic traversing it just yet. That's our focus right now. We need to get the optical system fully monitored and the staff fully trained to respond to any network events.

I'd also like to provide a more general update on where we're at. There are a couple of different thrusts right now. We've ordered almost all of the remaining fiber on the network footprint, so we're expecting to see more fiber test results for evaluation. We've placed the order for the second phase of the optical build. The equipment should be arriving for staging in late September. We're also working closely with ESnet engineering to deliver their long-haul and metro circuits before the end of the year. That process involves some fiber delivery and tight engineering collaboration.

In all, there's no shortage of work to go around. We're going to continue to focus attention on bringing more 100GigE circuits up. Our goal is to have 100GigE to Chicago within the next month- fully in production. Stay tuned!