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FCC Releases Report on Measuring Broadband America

Aug 02, 2011, by Doug Howell
Tags: Advanced Networking, imported, Network Diagnostic Tool, Network Performance, Science & Engineering

FCC LogoAugust 1st 2011 marked the release of an Federal Communications Commission (FCC) report, detailing the findings of a recent project to measure the availability and speed of broadband internet connections in America.  This report can be found on the FCC website:

Internet2, through the MeasurementLab (MLab) project, has worked to install and support the Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) for use in consumer broadband testing.  Currently the NDT software serves as a backend to the FCC's Broadband Test on a national level using the MLab framework, and also provides valuable information to state level efforts including the eCorridors project for the state of Virginia, run by Virginia Tech.