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Internet2 welcomes the ESnet ANI Testbed

Jul 13, 2011, by Doug Howell
Tags: 100 gigabit Ethernet, Advanced Networking, Collaboration, imported, Internet2 Network, MAN LAN, Network Infrastructure, Network Partnerships

If you were sitting in the conference hall at Joint Techs in Fairbanks, AK this morning, you just heard some exciting news from ESnet's Steve Cotter regarding the implementation of their ANI Prototype on the new Internet2 Optical Network. They will be lighting a 100Gbps wave to interconnect three compute centers: NERSC at Berkeley Lab, OLCF in Tennessee, and ALCF in Illinois, as well as MANLAN in New York. In addition, they'll have the option to access an additional 4.4Tbps of capacity on the rest of the optical system to light their next generation networks.

This represents almost two years worth of effort at ESnet and Internet2 to bring them on-board in a collaborative fashion. In recent weeks, ESnet has started joining our internal conference calls and status updates to start contributing to the network build. In the coming months, you'll be hearing more about the status of the additional network builds to support their end-to-end connectivity.