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Megaconference IPv6 Ready to go Live

Jun 07, 2011, by Ben Fineman
Tags: Audio Video Communications Infrastructure, imported, Internet2 Video Exchange, IPv6, Network Architecture, Video Services

I'm very pleased to be working with Bob Dixon and Ken Fox from OARnet and a great team of video gurus internationally to pull together the first IPv6 version of the Megaconference. If you've never participated, the Megaconference is basically a video-fest where the research and education community works together to push the boundaries of H.323. This year's focus, in conjunction with World IPv6 Day, is H.323 over IPv6. The goal is to provide an opportunity for people around the world to try out their video endpoints over IPv6 and to generate a list of those that are able to connect successfully.

The Megaconference will kick off on June 8th at 00:00 GMT, which is 8:00pm on June 7th here in good old EDT. Fortunately, we here in the U.S. don't need to stay up all night due to the generosity of our international friends. Hosts of the Megaconference will be as follows:

  • 00:00 - 07:00 GMT Hosted by Paul Hii, Monash University (Australia) and Jason Bordujenko, AARnet (Australia)
  • 07:00-12:00 GMT Hosted by David Vrtin, ARNES (Slovenia)
  • 12:00-24:00 GMT Hosted by Ken Fox, OARnet (Ohio)

But most importantly, how can you participate? You'll need to begin by making sure your network admins have enabled IPv6 for your network. Google has a handy test site, or you can see if you can see the classic dancing turtle.


Assuming your IPv6 network is working, you'll need to make sure IPv6 is enabled on your endpoint. Often this requires a software update. You may also need to give it a static IPv6 address, depending on how your network is configured.

Once that is done, the next step is to try a call! Call the appropriate MCU based on your location.

US/Western Hemisphere, call an Internet2 MCU (Columbus/Kansas City):

  • 2610:a8:4810:2::143 conference ID 1234# (Cisco Codian 4220)
  • or, 2610:e0:6::226##0017343524906 (Cisco Codian 8710)
  • or, 0017343524906@2610:e0:6::226 (Cisco Codian 8710)

Europe/Eastern Hemisphere, call ARNES MCU (Slovenia):

  • 2001:1470:8000:ff:20d:7cff:fe00:cc0 conference ID 1234#
  • or 1234@2001:1470:8000:ff:20d:7cff:fe00:cc0 for Tandberg endpoints
  • or 2001:1470:8000:ff:20d:7cff:fe00:cc0##1234 for Polycom endpoints

Assuming you are successful, make sure to tell the host your name, location, and endpoint type. A list of successful participants will be posted at the conclusion of the event. Hope to see you there!