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Important Requirement to Continue to Access Google via I2PX: April Update

Apr 20, 2020, by Steven Wallace
Tags: Advanced Networking, Frontpage News, Regional Networks, Security

Internet2 is beginning a campaign to encourage the community's adoption of MANRS ( practices to both meet the requirements from the providers of our settlement-free connections (e.g., Google and other content and transit providers) as well as improve the security and resiliency of the Internet2 network.

The campaign's initial focus is on assisting our member networks' adoption of Internet Routing Registry (IRR) records that publish their routing intention and policy. Starting in July, networks like Google will require settlement-free peers, such as Internet2's Peer Exchange (I2PX), to publish their routing policy via an IRR. Internet2's policy will include by reference the policies of I2PX users; it's therefore critical for users of I2PX to publish their policies via an IRR.

Over the next two weeks, Internet2 staff will be contacting network operators to offer assistance with creating the IRR records that will be required by networks such as Google in the July timeframe. Please contact with any questions.