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Internet2 Announces NET+ CloudCheckr Premium Service Evaluation

Mar 27, 2020, by Quyen Vaillant
Tags: Cloud Computing, Frontpage News, Internet2 NET+

Internet2 is excited to announce that CloudCheckr has been brought forward by Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania State University, and other Internet2 member institutions to begin the NET+ Service Evaluation process.

Internet2 and DLT Solutions, who offers the highly adopted NET+ AWS, has included CloudCheckr Basic + as part of the NET+ AWS offering for nearly two years. After a number of meetings with NET+ AWS subscribers, it was decided that the additional functionality in CloudCheckr Premium was more beneficial to launch as the full Service Evaluation, with a subsequent separate NET+ service. 

The NET+ CloudCheckr Premium offering will be available for AWS and Azure, with Google Cloud Platform expected in the near future. This offering will include total visibility for cloud spending across the three most highly adopted cloud infrastructure providers across higher education. The offering will include delegation of access to individual account owners on a campus, access to APIs to automate billing reports, and provide visibility to the security posture of a campus’ cloud footprint.

The Service Evaluation team will work with DLT and CloudCheckr to review a set of use cases common to higher education and collect and review common community review security and accessibility deliverables. The team will also review the CloudCheckr EULA and Privacy Policy and assess CloudCheckr’s approach to identity and networking.

For more information please contact Quyen Vaillant at or visit the NET+ CloudCheckr Premium wiki.