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Want Help Managing and Documenting Your Network? NetBox May be the Answer

Feb 27, 2020, by Karl Newell
Tags: 2020 Global Summit, Advanced Network Services, Community Technical Workshops

NetBox is an open-source web application designed to help you manage and document computer networks. If you would like to learn more about NetBox, you have opportunities to attend a webinar on March 16 and a hands-on workshop at the 2020 Techology Exchange held Oct. 5-8 in Atlanta, Ga. Here is more information on both: 

1.    The NetBox webinar will be held on Monday, March 16 at 3 p.m. ET.  All in the community are welcome. Here is the webinar summary: As the industry moves more into network automation or netops, there is a growing demand to have a definitive “Source of Truth” for network resources. NetBox is emerging as the frontrunner for several network segments, including higher education.  

NetBox provides Data Center Inventory Management (DCIM) and IP Address Management (IPAM) as a web application with its foundation firmly rooted in programatic interaction and extensibility. This webinar is intended to be a prerequisite for the NetBox Deep Dive Workshop (see below), but it also is a great resource for anyone who hasn't heard of NetBox or its capabilities. 

This webinar will also give a brief overview of how a Source of Truth is used in network automation, an overview of NetBox and its components, and will step through a handful of basic operations using the web front-end. No prior NetBox knowledge is necessary. It is recommended that participants have a basic understanding of the parts and components of network topologies, automation, and light programming fundamentals.

2.    The second is the NetBox Deep Dive Workshop, which will be held at the 2020 Technology Exchange held Oct. 5-8, in Atlanta, Ga. Here is more information on it: NetBox is an IP Address Management (IPAM) and Data Center Inventory Management (DCIM) tool all rolled into one. It is designed to be the Source of Truth for your Information Technology Infrastructure. This includes everything from switches to servers to even the racks those devices are sitting in.

You might be thinking that your spreadsheets or text files are good enough, and why bother moving to NetBox? We will show you that NetBox is not just a data repository; it is truly a tool. This workshop is not an introduction to NetBox. This is a deep dive into the guts of the tool.

To attend, we recommend you have a general understanding of the software and how to install and use it. The workshop will be hands-on and in-depth. We will discuss WebHooks, Python Scripting using the pynetbox package, graphs, NetBox Scripts, and much more. So, have your laptop ready to install a Docker image and your willingness to learn, and leave the rest of it to us.

If you have questions regarding either of these great opportunities, please send them to