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New Measuring Library Broadband Networks Video Highlights Program's Benefits

Nov 11, 2019, by Stephanie Stenberg
Tags: Community Anchor Program, Measuring Library Broadband Networks for the National Digital Platform

Want to get a fantastic overview of the Measuring Library Broadband Networks (MLBN) project? Check out our new video, courtesy of Carson and Jessikha Block: 

The video explains the MLBN project and what participating libraries can expect, and shows the measurement devices that libraries will install. The project is funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) National Leadership Grant for Libraries program.

For the project, researchers at Simmons University, along with Measurement Lab and Internet2, are examining how public libraries can utilize broadband measurement tools and training materials to develop a better understanding of the relationship between library network infrastructure and digital services. 

Importantly, the video shows how the measurement data will help libraries that participate in the MLBN project to: 

  • Establish baseline data to improve broadband performance
  • Advocate for faster and higher quality internet connections
  • Prompt richer conversations with broadband providers to maximize the value of the library’s broadband investment
  • Plan for the future of the library by documenting the speed and quality of the internet connection
  • Evaluate readiness for future services that require robust connectivity
  • Conduct scalability planning for the library’s internet connection 
  • Improve technology confidence for library staff

Watch the video and enjoy! 

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