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Important Update on NET+ DocuSign Subscriptions for Campuses

Feb 04, 2020, by Dana Voss
Tags: Cloud Services & Applications, DocuSign, Internet2 NET+

The Internet2 NET+ DocuSign service offering has been in existence since March 2015, and had an initial term of three years. Several months of collaboration between Internet2, the NET+ DocuSign Advisory Board, and DocuSign resulted in mutual agreement to extend the offering and continue the partnership. The partnership renews annually with a 12 (twelve) month termination clause. The pricing model was changed effective May 1, 2019 and a new set of terms and conditions was recently finalized. 

During this past year, the members of the NET+ DocuSign Advisory Board, working closely with Internet2, have been heavily engaged to both renegotiate pricing and contract terms with DocuSign, and subsequently Carahsoft, to continue the NET+ Docusign program. 

Carahsoft specializes in contracting of cloud technology. By introducing Carahsoft as the fulfillment partner, we will be able to more efficiently facilitate quoting, contracting, and billing. Additionally, Carahsoft holds many competitively awarded cooperative contracts at the state and federal level, allowing institutions to subscribe to DocuSign under the Internet2 NET+ program while fulfilling state-mandated purchasing regulations. Adding Carahsoft makes it possible for campuses to request responses to RFPs. Carahsoft intends to respond directly to campuses that require an RFP.

Internet2 will continue to service existing NET+ DocuSign agreements until their expiration. Effective January 2020, campuses renewing or joining the program as new participants will sign the new contract with Carahsoft, acting as a reseller for DocuSign, on terms negotiated with DocuSign specifically for the Internet2 NET+ program. This contracting model is similar to the structure used with DocuSign’s other public-sector businesses to provide additional ease and flexibility to member institutions when procuring services. Some of the key contractual terms and conditions that participating institutions have in their contracts today have been maintained, while others have been re-negotiated. 

The contracting process for campuses with Carahsoft will require a campus to enter into two separate documents: a Master Services Agreement (MSA) and a Reseller Service Order between the campus and Carahsoft. For any questions about your campus’ renewal, please work with your DocuSign account representative or contact the Carahsoft team directly at

More information on the updated Internet2 NET+ DocuSign service offering is posted on the website.

Internet2 will continue to service existing agreements until they expire. Additional features/options to existing subscriptions may be added by contacting the Internet2 team at

Any questions about the NET+ DocuSign service offering can be directed to Dana Voss at or directly via

The NET+ Cloud Services Program will continue its engagement with the NET+ DocuSign Advisory Board on next steps for the service offering with DocuSign. 
We would like to thank the campus members of the Advisory Board for their significant effort on behalf of the community in working through the updated agreement. We would like to thank: The Ohio State University, University of Washington, University of California – San Francisco, Oregon State University, University of Nevada – Reno, the University of Maryland – Baltimore County, San Jose State University, Salisbury University, Virginia Commonwealth University as well as DocuSign and Carahsoft.