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August 2019: NET+ Splunk Update

Aug 15, 2019, by Nick Lewis
Tags: Internet2 NET+, Splunk

It's been much too long since the last NET+ Splunk community update. Our last one was almost a year ago in 2018! The NET+ Splunk service advisory board has been actively engaged in 2019. At the end of 2018 and into 2019, they finalized a charter and met in-person at the Splunk headquarters in March 2019.

An email update was sent to the NET+ Splunk community in May with an update from the in-person meeting along with topics we've received questions from campuses about. The advisory board also developed a plan for the rest of 2019 which included more community engagement around shared use cases. 

The advisory board is also kicking off a monthly user group call on September 12 at 2 pm ET with a townhall updating the community on the NET+ Splunk program, updates from Splunk the advisory board campuses thought were of the most interest, and a campus presenter. More details follow in this blog!

NET+ Splunk Service Advisory Board

Since the last update, the NET+ Splunk advisory board invited several new campuses to the advisory board to be engaged with the governance of the NET+ Splunk program. Additional details including the charter on the advisory board can be found on the NET+ Splunk community wiki.

Highlights from that NET+ Splunk Strategic Meeting in March 2019

The advisory board had a face-to-face meeting at the Splunk headquarters on March 28, 2019 where strategic engagement was discussed along business models and licensing costs. We received briefings from Splunk on their platform approach to higher education, innovation, academic research strategy, apps in development, and their interest in developing data science and improving decision making. The advisory board campuses gave Splunk feedback on business models and pricing, explained the challenges that arise when campus innovation is hindered when using software to its fullest is constrained. Splunk executive leadership is taking this additional feedback and suggestions into account as the company considers the development of potential new business models for higher education institutions.

The advisory board also developed a plan for 2019 and beyond based on this meeting for additional benefits to the NET+ Splunk community. This plan includes the monthly user group call, additional resources for sharing use cases, adding additional Splunk products to the program (i.e. Splunk Cloud, Phantom), and the establishment of a NET+ Splunk community wiki. The NET+ Splunk community wiki is now available as a community benefit! Another community benefit is the monthly NET+ Splunk user group call kick-off townhall which has been scheduled starting September 12, 2019 at 2 pm ET with registration and more details are available. Please feel free to share this with other interested people on your campus!

The Email Update Sent in May

Working with the NET+ Splunk advisory board, a communication was sent to all NET+ Splunk campuses in May about feedback that Internet2 had received about the program and the engagement with Splunk. Part of this engagement has included the discussion of licensing, costs and other topics.

Clarifications on Questions from Campuses

We've received several questions from campuses and have worked with Splunk and Carahsoft on the internal operations for the program around campuses subscribing to the NET+ Splunk program. 

One of the biggest questions has been around pricing. The pricing from Carahsoft for Splunk was designed as the best pricing that a campus could get for Splunk Enterprise where the pricing essentially stayed flat from the original pricing from 5 years ago. There is also no upper limit to the capacity that a campus can subscribe to via the program and some campuses have bought 1TB through the program with additional capacity available for purchase.

The NET+ Splunk Software License Agreement was also updated in 2017 to be the best terms available for a campus including input from the advisory board campuses, but if there are specific state law or other updates needed, they can be worked on with Splunk and Carahsoft through the program. When you engage with a sales rep, you will need to specifically mention to them that you want to sign-up under the NET+ Splunk program.

There are a couple additional updates that are queued up for the next blog update in September 2019. Feel reach out to me if you have any questions, feedback, or concerns at