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Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX) is the New Name for TR-CPS

May 01, 2019, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Networking, Recent Posts

Internet2 has changed the name of the Internet2 peering service from TR-CPS to the Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX). While the service itself isn’t changing with the new name, we do make regular augments to the service, both in capacity on the links and in new peers such as various cloud services, heavily utilized by the community. In addition to adding capacity, we are offering more I2PX to the community at no additional fee. We have already increased I2PX capacity for each connector from 20G to 50G this year, and we expect additional increases as part of the Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI) improvements and upgrades. This name change is result of community input as it was one of the recommendations from the Routed Services Futures Group report to be more descriptive of the service. If you have questions or comments about I2PX, please send to