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Next InCommon Shibboleth Installation Workshop: April 30-May 1

Apr 01, 2019, by Erin Murtha
Tags: InCommon, Shibboleth, Trust & Identity

Looking to deploy InCommon-ready Shibboleth Service and Identity Providers in a way that’s easy to install and manage? Want first-hand experience with the world of containers and how they can make your life easier? Are you ready to join the ranks of over 600 attendees, from 19 workshops, who have rated this course at a 90% satisfaction rating? If so, plan to join us for the next InCommon Shibboleth Installation Workshop at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County from April 30 - May 1, 2019.

If you are familiar with previous workshops you will find some exciting differences, so please read on.
This two-day session will focus on the InCommon Trusted Access Platform packaged software (formerly known as TIER) -- including installation and configuration. Both the Identity and Service Provider packages can be pre-configured to integrate out of the box with the InCommon Federation using recommended defaults.
Thinking about modernizing your operations? Join us and learn about the DevOps approach to managing your development and operations and how you can use the Docker containerized version of the software to streamline your work load. All of the training is done in a virtual machine (VM) environment, so you won’t need to know the details about containers.
For all of the details for logistics and curriculum, head over to our InCommon Shibboleth Installation Workshop site.
In a nutshell, here is what you can expect:

  • A two-day, directed self-paced workshop
  • Hands-on installation of the identity provider and service provider software
  • Experienced trainers providing overviews and one-on-one help
  • Discussions on configuration and suggested practices for federation
  • Attendance is limited to 40

The workshops will offer the chance to:

  • Install a prototype Shibboleth identity and service provider in a virtual machine environment
  • Gain experience with the Docker container version of the Shibboleth IdP
  • Discuss how to configure and run the software in production
  • We will also discuss integration with other identity management components

Knowledge of identity management concepts and related implementation experience is strongly recommended. To learn more about Shibboleth, see the Shibboleth wiki ( More information on federated identity can be found at