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The NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence Announces Trusted CI's Open Science Cybersecurity Fellows Program

Feb 28, 2019, by Dana Brunson
Tags: Community Engagement, End-to-End Research Support, Higher Education, Recent Posts

We are excited about the recent announcement by Trusted CI, the National Science Foundation (NSF) Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, about a new program to establish and support a network of fellows.

The mission of Trusted CI is to improve the cybersecurity of NSF computational science and engineering projects, while allowing those projects to focus on their science endeavors. 

According to a recent Trusted CI blog post, the fellowship program will select a small cohort from the community involved with research or research support, and empower them with basic knowledge of cybersecurity and an understanding of Trusted CI services. It allows fellows to serve as cybersecurity liaisons to their respective community, where they can assist them with basic cybersecurity challenges and connect them with Trusted CI experts for advanced challenges.  

Applications for this new fellowship program are due Wednesday, March 13.

Please reach out to me with any questions. I joined Trusted CI in January 2019 to develop and lead the fellowship program, so I would be glad to engage with you about this opportunity. You may contact me at

Dr. Dana Brunson is executive director for research engagement at Internet2. Read this recent announcement to learn more about her role.