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Supporting Global Collaboration: Service Management Best Practices for Federated Services Session at the Upcoming 2019 Global Summit

Feb 21, 2019, by Sara Aly
Tags: 2019 Internet2 Global Summit, European Research and Education Community, Frontpage News, Global Summit, Identity Federation, International Community, Trust & Identity

By Marina Adomeit, Academic Network of Serbia and Ivana Golub, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

To develop and operate services for the research and education (R&E) community that leverage a federated environment presents both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity lies in the ability to benefit from the expertise and early adopters from the community to help further enhance and support these services.

Not surprisingly, the development and operation of these federated services tend to reflect the organizational practices of the federated teams. So the challenge we are presented with is how do we create a common service management framework that takes into account a growing and complex services portfolio, while embracing the diverse ecosystem of the R&E community?

During our upcoming presentation at the 2019 Global Summit, we will address this by sharing our experience working on a GÉANT project that develops and operates services for the European and global R&E communities. Flagship services, such as eduroam and eduGAIN, are enabled by such federated teams in the GÉANT project and have over the years grown in its maturity and complexity.

With the expansion of the trust & identity and multi-domain services portfolios, the time has come to once again reflect on the industry best practices for IT service management, and to implement them selectively and as appropriate.

More specifically, industry best practices such as ITIL and TM Forum for IT services lifecycle management have given us a framework for effective and efficient services development and operations -and we will demonstrate how we used them in our services context.

We also planned ahead for the handover between the development and operations teams, addressing changes in the infrastructure, governance and management structure, and team members roles in order to ensure a smooth service transition.

Today, product managers and service owners are adopting these practices and taking on an evangelist role in making sure that we have a common language shared between the teams and partners.

We encourage you to join us at our 2019 Global Summit session, Service Management Best Practices Meet Federated Services, on March 6 at 1:15 p.m. to learn more about our experience implementing industry best practices for the trust and identity services lifecycle management.