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Internet2 & Regional Principals Meet to Discuss How to Introduce New Services, Reset Service Models and Increase Value to Researchers and Campuses

Feb 07, 2019, by Linda Roos
Tags: 2019 Internet2 Global Summit, Next Generation Infrastructure, Research & Education Networks

In January of 2019, 40 community members and seven Internet2 staff began the process of analyzing and updating the service models that will connect the new capabilities being introduced to the community’s R&E networks into updated equitable fee models. Forty community members from 36 state and regional network organizations as well as the Network Architecture, Operations and Policy Program Advisory Group (NAOPpag) Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI) Service Model Group participated. The focus of the meeting was to baseline the current services activities, introduce options for how to increase value and introduce new services and begin to review options for future service models. The conversation was based on work that the NAOPpag NGI Service Model group had provided in helping Internet2 staff develop three potential models in the weeks prior to the meeting. 
Between the Tempe meeting and the Internet2 Global Summit, the NAOPpag NGI Service Model Group will integrate feedback from Tempe into updated Service Model goals and add specific scenarios. The collective group of NGI Service Group members, regional Principals and Internet2 look forward to continuing the conversation at the Global Summit in March. Internet2 staff are especially grateful to the attendees of the Tempe meeting for their active participation in the meeting and their input and feedback to the Service Model creation process as the community iterates through the models.