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InCommon Federation Transitions to Baseline Expectations, Next Steps

Jan 30, 2019, by Albert Wu
Tags: InCommon, Recent Posts, Trust & Identity

In a November 2018 blog (Baseline Expectations: Huge Progress by the Community), we provided a brief background on the InCommon Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation and updated you on the community’s adoption progress. Since then, the deadline of December 14, 2018, to meet Baseline Expectations has come and gone. We are thrilled to report that as of January 25, 2019, 96% of the 4,570 entities - and 91% of the 528 organizations -  registered in the InCommon metadata now meet Baseline Expectations. 

We want to congratulate this amazing community’s collective effort in reaching this impressive milestone. It shows that together we can continue to improve federation trust, interoperability and user experience to further research and scholarly collaboration.

As exciting as this achievement is, our work is not done. We now need your assistance in reaching the remaining organizations. Sixty-nine InCommon participating organizations still have yet to meet Baseline Expectations. As described in InCommon’s plan to Transition the Community to InCommon Baseline Expectations for Trust in Identity, starting in January 2019, organizations with entity descriptors that have not met the metadata expectation or been granted an extension will be forwarded to the Community Dispute Resolution Process. Dispute resolution proceeds in escalating stages. starting with an informal and lightweight method, and progressing to further formality and rigor only when needed.

The Community Trust and Assurance Board and InCommon operations are continuing to engage the remaining organizations. Among the organizations not meeting Baseline Expectations today, 12 have requested extensions and are actively working toward the goal. You can find a daily updated list of entities not meeting Baseline Expectations here.

By Spring 2019, should an entity continue to not meet baseline expectations, it will be escalated to the InCommon Steering Committee for resolution. The result may include the Steering committee voting to remove entity descriptors from the InCommon metadata.

We need your assistance. Despite InCommon’s repeated attempts to reach everyone via email and direct phone calls, many organizations that do not meet Baseline Expectations have not responded. Personnel and organizational changes may play a big part in that gap. If you have current contacts with any of the organizations on the list, we appreciate your assistance in nudging them to check in, and update their metadata to meet Baseline Expectations. Please ask them to contact