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One-On-One Calls with Regional Connectors 60% Complete

Nov 02, 2018, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Networking

A continuing goal of the Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI) program is to iterate on community requirements for the next iteration of the infrastructure. We have held many group meetings since 2016 when we began planning for this project and, this fall, we have held individual calls with 29 of the 48 Connectors/Network Members and the other calls are being scheduled. During the calls, each regional is asked 20 questions to help us understand their current use of the Network and their requirements for the Network for the next three to five years. A few key responses include:

  • Capacity: although most regionals expect growth in their capacity needs, resiliency needs are equally important
  • Peering: most regionals highlighted the importance of TR-CPS in addition to many indicating that they also using local peering
  • Automation: most regionals are early in their own automation implementation efforts; as Internet2 undertakes automation, the regionals cited the importance of measurement and telemetry and also asked that Internet2 share and enable best practice sharing
  • Cloud: the regionals mentioned the emerging importance of cloud as well as an increasing understanding of what is required to support the cloud needs of the campuses
  • MANRS: interest in MANRS is high with a number of regionals having completed MANRS certification and more working it