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Internet2 Investments in Expanding 100G Peering Capacity Lead to TR-CPS Cap Increase

Nov 02, 2018, by George Loftus
Tags: Advanced Networking

Internet2 continues to experience significant sustained year over year growth in the TR-CPS and cloud services. Today Internet2 has over 2 Tbps of provisioned bandwidth to peers across seven interconnection points. Already, peer-facing capacity has increased by 150% since Fall of 2016. In support of the continued growth Internet2 is upgrading hardware in Chicago and Ashburn and redeploying 100G cards for interconnection capabilities to the remaining five metro regions. The upgrades will be completed during the first quarter of calendar year 2019. With these upgrades and input from the regionals on growth requirements, Internet2 determined we could likely absorb growth in the amount of TR-CPS traffic that is consumed by each connector prior to a backbone upgrade assuming growth patterns continue, and an upgrade happens in the next 2-1/2 years. This led Internet2 to increase the amount of TR-CPS peering capacity provided on each 100G AL2/3S connection from 20Gbps to 50Gbps, effective November 1, 2018. Ongoing updates will be provided to the community as the project proceeds. For more information contact: