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Drafting NGI Optical RFP Now for Release in December, Community Participants Welcome

Nov 02, 2018, by Chris Wilkinson
Tags: Advanced Networking, Next Generation Infrastructure

By early December, Internet2 will release an RFP for the refresh of its optical line system and related components. The RFP will seek to update basic components for more flexibility including infrastructure sharing, automation and better economics. 

The project is focused on modernizing, optimizing, and "right sizing" the system architectureproviding the community more value at reduced operations and maintenance cost. Integration of new features will be a key metric in the evaluation, including alien waves, colorless and directionless optical functionality, flexible grid wavelengths, interoperation with other optical ROADMs, open management interfaces and telemetry. 

We invite community collaboration and comment as we work together to enhance this foundational community resource. For more information contact