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Next Generation Infrastructure Updates From Technology Exchange

Nov 02, 2018, by Linda Roos
Tags: 2018 Technology Exchange, Advanced Networking, Cloud Computing, Next Generation Infrastructure, Security

During the 2018 Technology Exchange, four break-out sessions were held to allow attendees to have more in-depth conversations regarding the topics discussed.

The four break-outs included (1) optical, (2) software and automation, (3) security and (4) routed services futures. Summaries of the comments are:

Software and Automation Breakout at TechEx Recommends Regional Workshops

A break-out discussion session on Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI) Software and Automation was held during the Technology Exchange.

Initially, the discussion focused on how to start automation efforts. There was consensus as to why we should automate and what could be automated but, for some, it was unclear how to get started. The groups decided that the community would collaborate on a central repository of automation workflows. Internet2 will host the repository and develop documentation to help members bootstrap their automation efforts.

Send a note to for more information.


Security Breakout Recommends a Shift for Network Operators to Proactively Participating in the Protection of Campus and Cloud Systems, Applications, and Data

Several key themes were discussed at the NGI security break-out session. Security continues to be a major priority for our members. Campus security programs have evolved from protecting traditional on-premise systems and data to addressing the new challenges that cloud computing and storage brings.

Working with cloud providers, campuses continue to emphasize end-to-end security. The research and education network providers (Internet2 and Regionals) play a critical role by connecting members with cloud environments, and without improved security, risk becoming the weak link in the end-to-end chain.

As part of the end-to-end security chain, RENs should shift from a passive model of only forwarding traffic, to a proactive model participating in the protection of both campus and cloud systems, applications, and data.  Specifically, security should be at the table for all network planning, design, and engineering discussions to ensure that security capabilities aligned with a holistic defense-in-depth architecture, are embedded into the operational network.  

Also discussed was the need for extensive instrumentation and measurement of the network to meet the increasing challenges faced by both security and operations functions.