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Preliminary Routed Services Futures Work Group Report Recommends Moving Cloud Peers and Renaming TR-CPS as 'Cloud Exchange'

Nov 02, 2018, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Networking, Cloud Computing, Cloud Connect Initiative, Internet2 NET+, Research & Education Networks

A preliminary report by the Routed Services Futures working group that was previewed at TechEX recommends that Internet2 establish a plan to move NET+ and Cloud services out of the R&E routing instance and combine them with the TR-CPS routes in a new service called Cloud Exchange.

A key aspect of this change includes working with the technical leaders in the community to appropriately identify, prioritize and forward this traffic once it moves to TR-CPS to ensure continued reachability by campuses to the NET+ services.

The report is expected to be completed in November and implementation discussions will follow shortly thereafter. Regionals should look for implementation activity to be discussed in the NTAC in January after the report is finalized and reviewed by the NAOP.