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Cloud Connect Portal/OESS2.0 Allows Connectors to Build Nationwide Layer3 Networks on Demand to Amazon Web Services

Oct 31, 2018, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Network Services, Advanced Networking, Amazon Web Services, Azure, Cloud Computing, Cloud Connect Initiative, Google Cloud Platform, Layer 3 Services, Next Generation Infrastructure, Recent Posts

Internet2 released the Cloud Connect Portal (OESS 2.0) which allows connectors, participants and researchers to provision Layer3 Networks between themselves and others connected to the Internet2 network in seconds.

Additionally, support for AWS Direct Connect was introduced in OESS 2.0 with Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute support to follow soon. The features in OESS 2.0 provide the Internet2 community greater on-demand control of their access to cloud services using standard routing configurations at their home institutions.

The Cloud Connect portal has also expanded other Internet2 services such as router proxy, providing users with the ability to fetch detailed information about their Layer 3 Networks directly from the devices without having to leave the OESS User Interface (UI) or understand the underlying network topology.

The Cloud Connect Portal also introduced a new mechanism for discovering and connecting to other organizations on the Internet2 network through the Internet2 "phonebook," which is now integrated into the Layer 3 Network provisioning UI.

See A.J. Ragusa present a demo of Cloud Connect Portal/OESS2.0.