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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Week 2 Focus: Millions of Rewarding Jobs: Educating for a Career in Cybersecurity

Oct 12, 2018, by Nick Lewis
Tags: 2018 Technology Exchange, 2019 Internet2 Global Summit, Cloud Services & Applications, Educause, Frontpage News, Security

Internet2 has been a long-time supporter of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) and this year we’re providing another update to the community on the information security activities and resources available to higher education from Internet2.

Higher education has been an important part of training and development for the next generation of cybersecurity professionals and Internet2 works with our partners at EDUCAUSE and the REN-ISAC on professional development opportunities for higher education IT, as well as running programs that can be used by higher education institutions in securing their campuses.

EDUCAUSE, Internet2, and the REN-ISAC coordinate on engagement with the higher education information security community. To this end, Internet2 is championing NCSAM along with EDUCAUSE, the REN-ISAC, and hundreds of other nonprofit organizations, companies, schools and school districts, colleges, and universities. Internet2 information security resources and activities include community events, cloud services, and many other activities.

Community Events

Potentially the most timely resource for the higher education information security community is our community meeting next week at the 2018 Internet2 Technology Exchange in Orlando, Florida from October 15-18, which includes an information security track with presentations from campuses, several workshops on information security, and special interest groups throughout the event for attendees to get together to discuss topics of mutual interest. Slides and presentation resources are posted after the meeting concludes for the community to review and use as a resource. 

The call for proposals for the 2019 Global Summit in Washington DC on Match 5-8, 2019, closed in September and the program committee is reviewing the proposals. I checked in on the proposals and it looks like there are some very interesting security-related proposals being reviewed for presentation! Internet2 events provide critical opportunities for our expanding and diverse community to work together in person. Participants at our various events represent the complete spectrum of the global Internet2 community—including university, industry, and affiliate members, as well as government agencies and regional and international partners.

Cloud Services

At the Internet2 Global Summit earlier this year, the NET+ program surveyed IT leadership on the NET+ program and two of the most important aspects of the program included information security. 71% mentioned ensuring InCommon Support and 46% mentioned sound contractual terms, especially around security and compliance as the most-valued outcomes. Information security is included in the comprehensive engagement with cloud service providers, and this engagement only strengthens as the community continues to work on cloud security. 

During the service validation phase to be considered for the NET+ portfolio, campus information security teams are engaged to assess the service's security. This allows the community to assess the security of cloud services, but also provides professional development opportunities for learning about how to assess the security of a cloud service. For example, the service validation campuses and Internet2 worked with Google during the GCP service validation to review security for the service. One of the NET+ programs with the most subscribers was highlighted in a blog post partnering with the NCSA, EDUCAUSE, and Duo on MFA usage in higher education.
As part of improving cloud security across higher education, Internet2 continues to work with campuses, EDUCAUSE, and the REN-ISAC on the Shared Cloud Security Assessments working group advancing the HECVAT. The working group reached out to service providers on a recent webinar to improve awareness about how the HECVAT can help service providers. The Internet2 Cloud Computing Constituency Group and the EDUCAUSE Cloud Computing Constituency Group made up of recently participating campuses had two webinars on how Emory and Notre Dame use cloud computing. Each campus talked about how they used the service and information security was integrated into their work. 

Wrapping It Up

Security is at the very core of the Internet2 community’s ability to collaborate, define, test, and deploy advanced technologies that advance scholarship and science. Internet2 has working groups and many other ways for campuses to get involved in advancing information security and for professional development. Reflect on ways your own institution is enhancing security by tweeting @Internet2 and #NCSAM and sharing how you participated in NCSAM.