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NET+ Summer 2018 Services Update

Sep 20, 2018, by Sean O'Brien
Tags: Box, DocuSign, Duo Security, Internet2 NET+, Recent Posts, Splunk, Zoom

Over the last few weeks, updates have been shared on the NET+ program and related community events and resources. Key service updates are the topic of this final summer 2018 blog series. Service efforts throughout 2018 have focused on updating existing offerings, while completing a large-scale service validation for Google Cloud Platform. 

Google Service Validation Update

The team has made great progress and nears readiness for the NET+ service launch on all functional areas of Service Validation. Michigan State University and other Service Validation schools are working to break new ground and designing processes and frameworks for higher education members to scalably consume Google Cloud Platform.

Internet2 is also now officially a Google Partner Interconnect service provider and can enable private Layer 3 connectivity to Google Cloud Platform.
Agreement Transitions

Transitions are in the works for a number of services to next-generation agreement templates and updated products and services offered under the agreements. 

Duo: The NET+ Duo program transition is going smoothly. Duo and Internet2 have been working with campuses to transition them to the updated NET+ Duo program — which contains improved protections in the updated agreement.

We would also like to congratulate our longtime partners at Duo Security on the recent announcement of Cisco's acquisition intentions. Read more about Duo in this blog post from Nick Lewis.

Splunk: The NET+ Splunk program transition has gone smoothly as well. Campuses are updating their NET+ Splunk 3-year licenses as they expire, to subscribe to the updated program. Fifty-six campuses have now subscribed to the NET+ Splunk program and work is in progress to formalize the NET+ Splunk service advisory board. Read more about Splunk in this blog post from Nick Lewis.

DocuSign: The NET+ DocuSign Service Advisory Board is working closely with DocuSign on a next-generation agreement to align with DocuSign’s business practices and product portfolio. Further details on the program updates and/or any pricing changes are forthcoming.

Box: The main term of the current NET+ Box agreement expires, due to Box providing termination notice, in May 2019. Campuses may automatically renew their current NET+ Box enterprise customer agreement until that time if they wish to stay on the current agreement. Institutions with renewals after May 2019 will receive information from Internet2 at least 9 months in advance of their non-renewal notification with additional details.

Zoom: We are pleased to announce that an updated agreement with Zoom is now available. This agreement, which was created with input from the NET+ Zoom Advisory Board over the past several months, streamlines the process by which universities can add features onto their Zoom deployments and enables the highly requested feature of hierarchical administration. The new agreement keeps the advantageous terms and conditions from the previous version and decreases the price of several service add-ons. Read more about the updated agreement in this blog post by Ben Fineman.

If you have questions about any of these agreement updates or modifications, please email

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