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Deprovisioning Features in Grouper 2.4 Address Community Needs

Sep 18, 2018, by Emily Eisbruch
Tags: 2018 Technology Exchange, Grouper, Grouper Working Group, TIER, Trust & Identity

Deploying Grouper for access management offers many advantages and efficiencies. During the initial stages of deploying Grouper, essential tasks include creating a group structure, establishing and maintaining processes for folders, groups and memberships, assigning the correct privileges, integrating with other enterprise applications, training the appropriate staff, just to name a few. 

Is it any wonder that in the past deprovisioning has sometimes gotten short shrift? Who relishes thinking about the best process for removing members in the flurry of multiple other pressing issues?   
Luckily Grouper 2.4 addresses the deprovisioning topic in new and innovative ways. This is a direct response to a need identified through community outreach done in the ramp-up for the TIER project. A key community requirement was for a deprovisioning solution with a focus on life cycle. (See the fifth item on the TIER Thematic Requirements document.)  
“Grouper 2.4 has a set of deprovisioning features that we believe will be welcomed by the community,” comments Chris Hyzer, University of Pennsylvania, and Grouper project chair. “There are options for assigning deprovisioning managers, removing all or just part of a member’s overall access to resources as part of the deprovisioning process, generating emails to managers to confirm deprovisioning, viewing recently deprovisioned users, and generating a report for situations where the system of record is outside of Grouper.“  
These two diagrams show some of the high-level capabilities of Grouper deprovisioning:

Configuring and Using Grouper Deprovisioning 

See the Grouper documentation for more information on Grouper deprovisioning.

For full details on the Grouper 2.4 release, please see the release announcement.

More News from the Grouper Project 
In addition to the progress on addressing deprovisioning, several other exciting developments are coming out of the Grouper project.  

Grouper Sessions at 2018 Technology Exchange Date and Time
Tier Access and Governance with Grouper and Friends Monday, Oct. 15, 8 am-5pm
Grouper BOF Tuesday, Oct. 16, 12:30-1:30pm ET
The Latest Grouper Recipes Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2:40pm ET
Containerized Grouper Deployment BOF Wednesday, Oct. 17 at lunch
Advance CAMP - likely there will be several breakout sessions in Grouper. Get ready to pitch your own topic! Thursday and Friday (morning), Oct. 18-19