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Campus Success TechEx Sessions Will Provide Lessons Learned on TIER Adoption

Sep 17, 2018, by Dean Woodbeck
Tags: 2018 Technology Exchange, COmanage, Grouper, Recent Posts, Shibboleth, TIER, TIER Software

For  the past year, a group of 10 campuses have worked together to adopt one or more components of the TIER software — an identity and access management suite consisting of Shibboleth, Grouper, COmanage, midPoint, and other components.

The philosophy behind this Campus Success Program (CSP) is that collaborating would make things easier for the individual campuses and will help accelerate software adoption.

The CSP participants will share their experiences during two, two-hour sessions at the upcoming Internet2 Technology Exchange, October 15-19, in Orlando. The sessions will include presentations of lessons learned, panel discussions, and some demos.

If you are interested in adopting one or more of these software components, these sessions will be well worth your time.

The 2017-18 Campus Success Program is winding down and the TechEx sessions represent its culmination. The program’s goals included:

  • accelerate local adoption of TIER components to provide the community with guidance more quickly

  • assist campuses in the successful deployment of TIER-packaged components to address one or more campus need(s),

  • provide lessons learned about the local challenges and solutions

  • develop deployment guidance and advice for later adopters in the form of presentations, project reports, and locally produced TIER-related artifacts

  • inform the TIER program about issues encountered in production implementation

  • provide data for next steps regarding adoption support, technology development and the feature set

The Campus Success Program involved participants developing a campus adoption plan, meeting regularly to drive local progress, and collaborating with peers and subject matter experts. Internet2 provided subject matter experts to help with training, understanding the software, and providing recommendations for adoption strategies.

The CSP schools will leave behind a number of documents, including blog posts, a DevOps Deployment Guide, and working group discussions and documents around Grouper deployment and identity onboarding with Banner.