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Baseline Expectations: Play Along at Home!

Aug 17, 2018, by Ann West
Tags: InCommon, InCommon Participant, Recent Posts, Trust & Identity

InCommon participants continue to make progress in meeting Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation. One key indicator comes from the monthly Metadata Health Checks that InCommon operations has been providing since February 2018. The checks go to organizations with incomplete entries in the metadata.

Read on for more info: 

Upcoming Deadline

The Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) and InCommon staff are now working on a final plan for two key parts of the Baseline process. This plan will provide the implementation details for the Community Consensus process and the Dispute Resolution process, which are both outlined in the “Process to Maintain Baseline Expectations” document.

Play Along at Home

Now you can play along at home. InCommon publishes a list, updated daily, showing which organizations have all of their entities (that is, all of their identity providers and service providers) meeting the metadata requirements within Baseline Expectations. That list also shows which organizations partially meet the metadata requirements and which do not.

For example:


InCommon participants have made significant progress since the first Metadata Health Checks. At that point, in February 2018, only 16% of Identity Providers and 5% of Service Providers had complete Baseline elements in their metadata. In August those numbers had risen to 72% and 45%, respectively. That’s impressive!

Here’s How InCommon Ops is Helping You

InCommon is doing several things to ensure the community makes progress. First, we send out monthly health checks that look for these items in metadata:

  • Logo URL
  • Privacy URL
  • Technical Contact
  • Security Contact
  • Administrative Contact

For more information on these elements, see the Baseline Expectations FAQ, the guide to baseline elements in metadata, and InCommon metadata administration guide.

The latest version of the InCommon Federation Manager (which is used by site administrators to manage their organizations’ systems registered in InCommon) now includes messages that strongly encourage including all of the required Baseline Expectation information.

How You Can Help the Community

Community members can help one-another meet Baseline Expectations, as well. If you see that one of your federating partners is not aligned with Baseline, please contact them and let them know. CTAB and staff members can also help; just let email us and let us know.