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Community Anchor Program features Sun Corridor Network in First State and Regional Network Spotlight

Aug 16, 2018, by Stephanie Stenberg
Tags: Community Anchor Program, Frontpage News, State and Regional Network Spotlight

Internet2’s Community Anchor Program (CAP) is happy to announce the launch of a new monthly feature called the State and Regional Network Spotlight. The purpose of the spotlight is to call attention to the important role the 44 state and regional networks play in connecting over 100,000 K-12 schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, museums, and other community anchor institutions (CAIs) to advanced R&E networking services across the country, including access to Internet2 through CAP. 

The inaugural spotlight features the Sun Corridor Network, a CAP network participant in Arizona. Sun Corridor Network recently facilitated the use of LoLa, an ultra high-speed, low-latency video and audio collaboration application, to connect a high school band at the Sun Corridor connected Paradise Valley School District with the Arizona State University orchestra. The two performed together in perfect time with no discernible delay. 

Please visit the State and Regional Network Spotlight to learn more about this exciting collaboration.