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Sneak Peek: Network Automation Workshop and Hackathon at 2018 Internet2 Technology Exchange

Aug 07, 2018, by Karl Newell
Tags: 2018 Technology Exchange, Advanced Networking, Internet2 Network, Recent Posts

As a part of Internet2’s ongoing community effort to promote awareness and provide opportunities to gain experience with new technology and tools, the third Network Automation Workshop will be presented during the Internet2 Technology Exchange on October 15, 2018.

Previous events were held at the 2017 Technology Exchange and the 2018 Global Summit. For the 2018 Technology Exchange, there will be two separate events: a Network Automation Workshop in the morning and a Hackathon in the afternoon.

The Network Automation Workshop will focus on presenting various tools and techniques useful in automating a network. There will be opportunities to do some basic hands-on activities with those tools that, at a minimum, allow participants to generate configurations of network devices. There are no prerequisites for the workshop.
The Hackathon will allow attendees to delve into more depth with example problems to be solved using virtual network environments. A general familiarity with Python and Ansible would be useful for the Hackathon. Participants will work in groups to solve the challenge.
Interested participants may choose to attend either the Network Automation Workshop, the Hackathon, or both. Here is 2018 Technology Exchange registration information. Questions and inquiries can be emailed to