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How Higher Education Institutions are Leveraging Cloud Scale

Jul 23, 2018, by Linda Roos
Tags: Advanced Network Services, Cloud Connect Initiative, Cloud Services & Applications, Educause, Frontpage News, Higher Education, InCommon Participant, Private Network, Recent Posts, Research & Education Networks, Trust & Identity

The Internet2 Cloud Computing Constituency Group and the EDUCAUSE Cloud Computing Constituency Group host monthly calls to discuss how higher education institutions are using cloud resources and share best practices. In collaboration with these efforts, Emory University and Yale University recently presented on innovative approaches to leveraging cloud scale and plans are being made for additional webinars. If your institution has a cloud story to share please contact
Jimmy Kincaid, Emory University, presented two webinars on their environment to automate the provisioning and use of AWS by the Emory research community. As part of their extensive research, testing and configuration, Emory decided to use VPNs for these accounts rather than AWS Direct Connect at this time. Jimmy Kincaid did the analysis for Emory and, in the first webinar, explained their findings that led to the decision to implement VPNs. That session was well-attended and there was interest in more information, so Jimmy followed up with a second webinar that included a demo and deep dive into the networking side of Emory’s impressive AWS account provisioning environment. Access the slides and recordings for both sessions.
Louis Tiseo, Dean Baruffi, and Kay Ratanasaka from Yale University presented a webinar detailing the need that Yale had to reduce seven data centers on campus to two primary facilities and to establish disaster recovery for critical services. With the availability of cloud resources, Yale provided a comprehensive plan for consolidation of onsite resources using multiple cloud providers. Providing a hybrid approach with on premise Data Centers and extending to cloud providers, Yale has been able to offer its community availability for disaster recovery, scalability of onsite resources, and self-service resources such as servers and storage. Access the slides and recording for this session.

Internet2 and member institutions created a Cloud Architecture Wiki coming out of a meeting at the University of Chicago during the Summer of 2014. Members of the CCCG-CSWG team have been maintaining and expanding it since that meeting. Please consider reviewing and contributing here:

Watch for announcements of additional webinars and consider joining the CCCG-CSWG group to receive updates.